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"When I became principal of the dancing school I put a lot of time into researching ways of getting my dancers fitted with pointe shoes. My main concerns were that I needed someone extremely knowledgeable on the subject and able to provide a wide selection of styles of shoe as each girl's needs are so varying. These pre-requisites are what initially led me to The Pointe Shoe Centre.

"Paula now travels to Hillingdon Theatre Dance Centre in Yiewsley annually to fit our dancers pointe shoes. It is very convenient for our families to have their pointe shoe fittings at the studio as it saves us all travelling. It is also a very exciting day for our dancers (and their parents).

"Paula's friendly approach means the girls have a relaxed yet professional fitting and she takes a keen interest in each dancer's needs meaning they are fitted with a pair of pointe shoes that best suits their feet. She ensures they are completely happy and have tried on many pairs to find the perfect match.

"The parents of the dancing school are especially happy to be included in their daughter's pointe shoe fittings, especially for the first pair when it is new to many parents. They also appreciate the convenience of getting all of the accessories at the same time as the shoes (ribbons, toe pads, suede patches, pointe shoe bag).

"I would highly recommend Paula and the Pointe Shoe Centre to other dance school principals and parents of dancers."

Helen White LISTD, DipMHTC, LIDTA, LAMDA, CDE, AIFL. Principal of Hillingdon Theatre Dance Centre.

"Paula makes regular visits to Lets Dance to fit my new intakes of girls for pointe work. She makes the whole experience fun and exciting for them, just the way it should be for their first pair! She gives clear and precise instructions regarding the preparation and care for their shoes and ensures that each student receives her undivided attention.

Until I discovered Dancers Boutique, I struggled to find anyone locally who could offer this type of service and it now saves me travelling into London with a dozen or so excited teenagers or being reliant on them getting the correct make/style without my help.

Paula offers such a range of styles and makes that each student can be sure that they have the right shoe for them right from the start. All in all a very professional, efficient and excellent service which I would highly recommend to any teacher or dancer."

Siobhan Chown. Principal of Lets Dance, St. Albans, Herts. and Regional Representative for the ISTD.

"Paula has been to our school in Pinner twice now and each time spent many hours with us fitting between 10 and 12 girls. Each time it has been very enjoyable with a lovely buzz of excitement. Paula is very knowledgable and thorough in her approach to fitting the shoes. She perseveres until she gets the best fit possible. Dancers Boutique stock many different makes and styles within the makes which is why we have chosen to ask them to fit our girls. Many parents have commented how professional the service has been. I thoroughly recommend their pointe shoe fitting service and look forward to next visit."

Alison Francis. RAD Principal of the Reddiford School Dance Studio, Pinner, Middlesex.

"Paula has been to my ballet school twice this year for pointe shoe fittings, bringing with her different makes and widths, Paula tried lots of different shoes on each girl making sure they have the best fit. The best thing for me is when they begin using their pointe shoes they are so well fitted we have no problems, we all enjoy the work, all of my girls have been delighted taking photos of each other. Many thanks to Paula."

Pat Clapton. Principal of the Windrush School of Ballet, Witney, Oxfordshire.

"Until I discovered Dancers Boutique, I struggled to find anyone locally who could offer this type of service and it now saves me travelling into London with a dozen or so excited teenagers or being reliant on them getting the correct make/style without my help."

Siobhan Chown Principal of Lets Dance, St. Albans and Regional Representative for the ISTD.

"Until Paula at Dancers Boutique opened The Pointe Shoe Centre we travelled into London to get our students fitted with their pointe shoes. The service provided by Paula and her staff is excellent and equal to any we have encountered in London. They are knowledgeable, very experienced and every customer is given individual attention and guidance as to how their shoes should fit and feel. I am confident when my students go to DB they will return to class with correctly fitted pointe shoes!"

Jane Anderson LISTD, CDE, AIDTA. Principal of The Chiltern Academy, Prestwood, Bucks.

"A few of my friends at college had been to Dancers Boutique to get their pointe shoes and I really liked the shoes they were wearing so I travelled from Bedford to Amersham for my fitting too. I was so pleased I did, the fitting was brilliant, there was a such a choice of shoes and we spent a long time going through them and picking the best pair for me. My new pointe shoes are so comfortable, I was able to wear them in easily and with the padding I was advised to get with them, actually now enjoy our pointe lessons a bit more! "

Becky Spooner. Full-time dance student at The Stella Mann College in Bedford

"I always enjoy going to Dancers Boutique to get my pointe shoes. Paula and her team are so professional and always on hand with great advice. I will definitely recommend Dancers Boutiques Pointe Shoe Centre to my students."

Katie Cobie. Kobika Dance, High Wycombe and Marlow areas, Bucks.

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